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Exterior Applications

Some exterior sign installations are very basic and can be managed easily by a lightly trained employee. However, many are complex and better handled by sign installation specialists who do that type of work every day, like the pros at True Install. 

The avoidable misstep that signage companies – small and large – all too often make is when they send out personnel who install exterior signs infrequently. This means they temporarily leave behind their day-to-day functions to try and quickly learn a new skillset. Unfortunately, it is quite common for jobs to be installed poorly in these situations. The fallout can be damaging to your business and customer relationships. First, you lose money with re-dos and make-goods. Second, you jeopardize your credibility with your client when they’ve seen the mistakes with their sign installations. And finally, you risk missing critical installation deadlines, further harming your professional reputation and customer relationships.  

There are other costs to your business. Various exterior sign installations need specialty tools that can require a significant investment. This can be anything from aerial lifts to contractor-grade hammer drills. Print and sign companies often need these specialty tools for short-term projects and then they sit unused in storage. These same tools can be very costly and need ongoing maintenance services to operate properly. By outsourcing exterior sign installations, you can eliminate the need to buy and maintain tools that are used infrequently and still have them available to you when you partner with True Install. 

Count on True Install professionals for all exterior sign applications, like mounting your clients’ channel letters, replacing cabinet faces, and installing awnings with the precise equipment – on  the ground and up high, level, plumb and accurate.

The right installation equipment for exterior sign applications can include scaffolding, extension ladders and aerial lifts. Be assured safety is the priority whether we are assisting your team or entrusted with job site management and installation.  

We’re experienced and well-equipped for secure, outdoor sign installations to:

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